The Connection Between Hidden Intellectualism and Academic Writing

Academic writing in particular requires the author not just to state his thoughts, but to present them as an answer or continuation of what was said by other researchers. At our university, the academic writing course for first-year students, according to its stated goal, requires students to “participate in discussions on current scientific and social topics”. The authors propose to treat the writing of scientific and popular science works not as exhausting work, but as an exciting and enjoyable activity. A lot of simple templates and effective techniques that are recommended to be used at different stages of creating a work allow you to cope with an idea of any complexity. In this case, not only the author of the text will benefit, but also the readers.

How to Write the Hidden Intellectualism Essay Persuasively?

Intellectualism is a philosophical doctrine that highlights knowledge through the intellect and metaphysically separates it from sensory knowledge and practice. Intellectualism is related to rationalism. Representatives of Intellectualism in ancient philosophy are the Elea-dates and Platonists. Intellectualism in the new philosophy opposes the one-sidedness of sensationalism. Arguments in such an essay should be facts, phenomena of social life, events, life situations and life experience, scientific evidence, references to the opinions of scientists, etc.  Besides, in the conclusion of the hidden intellectualism essay, the student should summarize the comments made by him in the main part of the text and give a generalized answer to the question. It is worth noting that the student should not introduce any new information at the conclusion, but rather summarize it.  Among the main themes that can be highlighted in the hidden intellectualism essay are:

  • Rationalists like to see rationalism and hidden intellectualism exactly where it does not exist, where it is overcome – in religious dogmas, in religious objectivism, and religious realism.
  • The most extreme intellectualism and rationalism can be passionate emotions.
  • Pragmatism marks the crisis of the abstract ideal of knowledge, the crisis of epistemology, the crisis of rationalism and intellectualism, the return to the knowledge introduced into the fullness of life.

Is That Possible to Order the Hidden Intellectualism Essay?

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