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This site is for anyone who wants to write a winning proposal whether it’s for government business grants, government business loans, business franchises, private contracts, or for any reason at all.

We’re talking about grant writers and funding seekers of all sorts for non-profits, small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, professionals, start-ups, job applicants, loan applicants, equipment suppliers, lobbyists…

Who in their right mind would NOT want to write a winning proposal?

We offer an inexpensive self-study course revealing proposal-writing techniques and sample business proposals that countless commercial organizations and non-profits of all sizes have used repeatedly to win government business grants and government business loans.

You can also use our proven techniques to successfully write professional services offers, equipment bids, lobbyist proposals and job applications. This is in addition to the sample business proposals for government business grants and government business loans.

Our Write Winning Proposals training program elaborates on materials obtained through an official technology transfer program of the U.S. Department of Energy, but you don’t have to be from the U.S. to benefit. It’s open to anyone – individuals or organizations – worldwide. No matter where you live, the sample business proposals for government business grants and government business loans will help you in your business proposal writing.

Because our Write Winning Proposals Training Program includes expert coaching, we will handhold you through the process of writing a proposal. This even includes helping you to locate the appropriate source and to complete the necessary applications, if your purpose is to get a government grant!

Emulate Success!

What better way is there than to apply the winning formula used successfully by others? The proposal writing techniques you can learn are the very same ones that have been used repeatedly by countless commercial and non-profit organizations of all sizes to win government grants, contracts and subsidies.

Many of the training materials result from an official technology transfer program of the U.S. government, so the quality is guaranteed and the performance is proven. You can use these training materials with complete confidence. And you don’t have to be from the U.S. to benefit. This training is open to anyone – individuals or organizations – worldwide.
It Really Works!

The technique you will learn really works if you apply it diligently. Whether you do the training on your own or as part of a group guided by an instructor, the program is super effective. Why? Because it forces you to learn by doing. You follow successful examples of others.

Now you still have to work at it to Write Winning Proposals but get this… the cost of our training program will be many times less than the cost of the effort you yourself will have to put into writing a winning proposal or grant application. In fact, we’re practically giving the program away.

Anyone Can Benefit!

Although the training program was originally intended to help those applying for grants, exactly the same techniques are successful for virtually any type of proposal! Examples are:

  • manufacturers preparing equipment bids
  • executives making recommendations
  • professionals offering their services
  • entrepreneurs starting up businesses
  • lobbyists promoting their causes

The reason for this is that the training teaches you how to respond precisely to the requirements of the recipient of your proposal. What could be better than giving them exactly what they want?

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